Yarnbury Beer and Music Festival 2019—Sponsorship Packages

Bronze Sponsorship £450.00 + VAT You will be given a table for 10 people at our exclusive sponsors afternoon on the Friday which includes free lunch and unlimited festival beers for the session. This session is closed to the public to ensure that your guests get to sample the beers first, and before they sell out. We will also add your name to the front of a barrel of ale for all to see, as well as adding it alongside the tasting notes in the programme.

Silver Sponsorship £550.00 + VAT (limited numbers) In addition to the bronze offering, your name / logo will be included on the Beer Festival T shirts, worn by all staff.

Gold Sponsorship £600.00 + VAT (limited numbers, preference given to Gold Sponsors) In addition to the silver offering, your name / logo will be added to the banner behind the main stage.

Platinum Sponsorship (POA) - For our platinum sponsor, in addition to the gold offering, your company logo is included on the Beer Festival commemorative glasses, tickets, vouchers, Corporate Friday wrist bands and you are acknowledged with narrative within the programme.

Programme Advertisements - Programmes will be given to everyone who attends the festival upon arrival, and will include details on all the beers and the entertainment schedule.

Back Page - £125.00 + VAT

Full Page - £100.00 + VAT

Half Page - £50.00 + VAT

You can design the advertisements yourself or let us do it for you. You can add whatever content you wish, within reason!


Gin and Prosecco Bar - £250.00 + VAT each

Festival Bar - £100.00 + VAT

If you wish to discuss any alternative sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch.